When to Call For Emergency AC Services

A working air conditioning system is a necessity, especially here in North Richland Hills, TX. But when your air conditioner breaks down, deciding whether or not you should call for emergency ac services can be difficult. Apartment complexes vary in their definition of what constitutes an AC emergency, and it is important to consult your manager or read your lease agreement for more information.

The most obvious sign that you should call for Emergency ac services is if your air conditioner does not produce cool air. This may be caused by a number of different issues, from an overworked compressor to a clogged condensate drain. In either case, you should contact a technician to inspect and repair your system.

Another reason to call for emergency ac services is a strange smell coming from your vents or ductwork. This could be the result of burning insulation, or it could indicate that there is a mold problem in your system. Either way, you should turn off your system and make a service call right away to prevent further damage and possible health risks.

Electrical problems should never be left unattended, and they definitely should not wait for regular business hours. If your AC unit is constantly tripping its breaker or producing a burning electrical smell, you should immediately turn off your system and call for emergency ac services. Electrical issues require professional attention because they are not DIY projects, and trying to fix them yourself can lead to further damage and even a house fire.

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