What Is a Button Head Bolt?

Button Head Bolt is a type of fastener with a rounded dome-like head and recessed counter bore in the center where you can drive it with a hexagon-shaped wrench or allen key. They have more torque resistance than other screw and bolt types, and they can withstand a lot of pressure without breaking or loosening. They’re often used in manufacturing, electrical equipment, and other heavy-duty applications where there’s a need for reliable fastening solutions.

There are many different kinds of socket screws, but they all have one thing in common: they use an internal hex drive for installation. The category contains several different types of high-strength fasteners that are typically used in the production of machinery, die castings, and other industrial applications. These fasteners have a wide range of uses, from holding components together to clamping and supporting parts in place.

Some of the more common kinds of socket caps include:

hex socket cap screws – These have a deep hex recess and thick side walls that make them the strongest socket screws in the line, with the highest preload ratings. They’re commonly used in metal stamping dies, plastic injection molds, power transmission systems, and hand and power tools.

low head socket cap screws – These have a lower profile head that’s 50% smaller than traditional socket heads, making them ideal for applications with limited head clearance. They also have a lower maximum preload rating than hex socket cap screws. Button Head Bolt

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