What Does an Employment Lawyer Do?

Employment Lawyer
A New York employment law attorney represents employees and employers in a broad range of matters related to the workplace. This includes legal issues involving hiring, firing, and employment contracts; working conditions like part time or full time status, wages and overtime; whether an employee is an independent contractor or a tipped employee; and discrimination, harassment and safety in the workplace. The best NYC employment lawyers are experienced in handling a wide variety of claims and lawsuits.

Employment lawyers often have a background in human resources, and they are familiar with federal and state labor laws. They may also specialize in a particular area of employment law, such as class action litigation or wage and hour disputes. Many also have a background in corporate finance or accounting, and they are familiar with the tax code relating to compensation matters.

Some attorneys focus on plaintiff’s employment law, and they represent employees in a variety of matters, including cases involving retaliation, wrongful termination and sexual harassment. Other employment lawyers work on behalf of businesses, advising them on policies and assisting in labor negotiations.

Other employment attorneys serve as government lawyers. These individuals draft and recommend employment legislation to the president or Congress, as well as enforce current employment laws. They may also serve as administrative hearing officers. A few attorneys may choose to make employment law a major portion of their practice, while others may only handle a few matters a year. Employment Lawyer

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