Using YouTube To Brand Yourself

If you have decided that you want to start a long term business online you probably have already learned how important it is to have a good image and that “branding yourself” or your brand is the first step in achieving this goal.

If you have chosen to promote an MLM company or any company for that matter the thing you want to understand is that most people would prefer to follow a leader. The reason being is most people are just getting started and don’t know how to grow a business but a leader does. A leader has experience and a leader can help them to achieve their financial success.

The bottom line is you will want to begin to brand yourself at some point and today we are going to be talking about using YouTube to start this process.

When I talk about YouTube a lot of my followers start to get nervous because the thought of putting themselves on video for the world to see can be a scary thought. I truly understand because I too at one point suffered from this fear but there were some tips given to me by a good friend that I am going to share with you today so that you have a better understanding on what it truly is and what it isn’t.

First thing to keep in mind is that when you are recording your video you are in the comfort of your home and you are alone. When you take away the noise of your thoughts thinking about how many people are “going” to be watching you it starts to become easier and before you know it, you will have little to no fear at all because in reality there is no one there at that moment and if you are yourself, people will like you. No one likes someone who comes across as fake, it is a turnoff, I know for me I would start to wonder what might their agenda be.

Here is another tip when using YouTube to brand yourself, if you are simply not ready to put your face on screen for the world to see just yet, what you could do is go ahead and create a PowerPoint presentation. A presentation about what you are about and what you are promoting. Write a short speech about the presentation and record it.

Post it on YouTube and be sure to look around the site. Watch and comment on other videos that are the same or similar topic to your own. This does 2 things for you. First thing, is you are learning new techniques while you are watching the videos of other marketers. Second, you are putting your name out there and people will start to become curious about you.

As you get comfortable and gain more experience you can start to use video comments to increase your status on YouTube even more. The great thing is that even though you may start out small, the more videos you watch and learn and comment the more experienced you become and you will turn into the leader that others will want to follow. youtube comment likes buy

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