Top Picks For the Best Iced Coffee Cup

While iced coffee may seem like a basic beverage, it’s also a big driver of single-use plastic waste. Grabbing your morning coffee on the go often means drinking from polyethylene-lined disposable cups that wind up littering our landscape, polluting our water supplies and clogging trash dumps. Thankfully, there are alternatives to these single-use cups, and they’re much better for you and the planet. In addition to being more eco-friendly, reusable cups are also easier on the teeth. Here are our top picks for the best iced coffee cup to help you kick your disposable habit and enjoy your favorite cold brews with less fuss.

Whether you’re looking for a glass tumbler or a reusable coffee tumbler with straw, there are plenty of options on the market. Many of these reusable cups for iced coffee come with lids that prevent spills and splashes. They also have double-walled insulation to keep your beverage chilled for hours and can be run through the dishwasher. These are perfect for on-the-go coffee lovers who don’t want to sacrifice the style of their beverage or spend a lot of time at home.

These stylish cups are insulated to keep your drink cold for up to 13 hours and can be used with or without the straw. The sleek, slim-and-sleek design fits most vehicle cup holders. The lid is leak-proof and comes in nine gorgeous colors including deep ocean, buttermilk and lilac haze.

This eco-friendly cup is made with stainless steel and a sustainable bamboo outer layer. It’s BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, and it keeps cold beverages cold for up to 13 hours. The lid is leak-proof and has a flip-top opening for easy drinking. It also has a secure, comfortable grip and is available in three sizes.

With a 16-oz capacity, this insulated mug is the perfect size for iced coffee or any other beverage. It can be run through the dishwasher and has a straw that’s easy to clean. The lid is a bit more difficult to open than others, but it’s still convenient and easy to use.

The best iced coffee cups are made with dark-roasted beans to hold the flavor, but medium roasts will work too. Light roasted beans tend to lose their taste when they’re added to ice and will be watered down.

If you’re a fan of Keurig, the new Brew Over Ice K-Cups are perfect for iced coffee since they contain more caffeine than the traditional Keurig cups. This Starbucks cup has a larger surface area for more ice, making it the largest size that can be used for iced coffee. The Trenta size is the same, but it’s used exclusively for iced coffee and other cold brews and is not available for hot drinks.

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