Timing Machines on the Watch Maker’s Table

Elma Watch Master is a testing machine that can be used for testing of quartz and mechanical watches. The testing station has many features including mechanical beat rate indicator, quartz pulse rate indicator, quartz circuit tester, motor tester, electrical resistance indicator and power supply checking. The tester has a movement clamp with a special design, electrical probes, mirrored observation platform and a beat rate measuring bed. The Elma Watch Matic mechanical watch testing station is specially meant for mechanical watches. The testing machine measures and displays rate deviation, amplitude and beat error. It supports many measuring modes for Swiss made escapements, coaxial escapements, AP escapements and a mode with specific amplitude filter where only the rate is measured. The machine is equipped with a speaker to test acoustics and it can be connected to a PC, printer or GPS receiver to allow the numeric results to be stored or printed.

The MTG 1000 TYMC multifunction timegrapher is a compact model which is used to measure beat number, beat rate, neat error and amplitude of the balance wheel. It is a very useful machine in watch service. It can produce an acoustic simulation of the watch beat. It has a microprocessor with a LCD display to display the beat rate and beat error and amplitude. It also has a microphone and the machine begins to measure immediately after a watch is put on the microphone. There are many models available in the multi function timegrapher, each with its own unique features.

The MTG 3000 timegrapher supports an automatic 6 position testing and can be connected to a microphone and a printer. It is very widely used across the world in professional watch repair shops. It comes with a high resolution display and supports display modes like horizontal and vertical – pushing and pulling modes. It can store up to 2048 beats. A watch can be tested for a programmed time in the 6 positions.

The 4000A model has a high resolution colour display, the new TYAPS signal processor and a highly stable TCXO time base. This machine has automatic adjusting of the input signal level, ato detection or manual selection of beat number, microphone rotatable in 6 positions, measuring of beat rate, beat error and amplitude and many more functions. The 4000B model is a double channel model which is used in final QC of watch manufacturing. With this model, it is possible to measure two watches having same beat rate simultaneously and show results on the display. The machine has 2 microphones rotatable in 6 positions and performs functions like the 4000A model. The MTG-500 model timegrapher is a compact and economical timing machine with all the basic testing facilities like measuring the beat rate and amplitude. Watch repair shop near me

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