The Prada Bag That Will Never Go Out of Style

prada bag
One of the most influential fashion houses of all time, Prada has left its mark on everything from gender fluidity to the reinvention of utility-first materials. The brand’s bags have become emblems of sophistication and taste thanks to their sculptural silhouettes, high-quality leathers, and clean lines that evoke timeless elegance. While the label’s iconic bags have evolved over the years, some are true standouts that will never go out of style.

The first to capture the attention of the fashion set, this demure top-handle bag debuted in Prada’s fall 1995 collection. With a pared-back design that echoes medicine-style bags from the 1950s, this sober answer to the era’s flashy It-bags quickly became a staple. Today, the Galleria is available in a myriad of colors and finishes, from classic black to creamy whites, and a variety of exotic leathers.

Whether you opt for the sleek black or the more statement-making cream-colored version, this nylon bag is made to last. Its minimalist shape is reminiscent of classic purse styles, but the wide detachable crossbody strap and leather tag/key chain add a modern edge. Plus, this bag is also water-resistant so it will survive the occasional drizzle or humidity.

Look for the ‘PRADA’ brand stamp — which lists the house’s identifying information — on the back of the zipper slides. This should be engraved with either ‘LAMPO,’ ‘YKK,’ or ‘Riri’ (the brand uses five zipper manufacturers). The brand logo plaque should match the color of the interior lining of the bag. If it doesn’t, the bag is fake. prada bag

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