The Diesel Fire Pump is a Big Single Impeller Aussie Fire Fighter Pump

The Diesel Fire Pump is a big single impeller Aussie fire fighter pump that uses a Yanmar, Hatz or Kubota diesel engine to produce flows up to 400 litres per minute and heads of 60 metres. The Diesel Fire Pump also conforms to strict international environmental emissions standards. It has a heavy duty gal steel roll frame and is fitted with anti vibration mounts.

Electric motors or diesel engines have been proven to be reliable drivers of fire pumps. However, the design and installation of these systems must address some fundamental differences between electric water and fire pump applications.

Unlike most electrical motor applications where the power source is critical, it is not possible to shut down a fire pump during a fire emergency. It is meant to run until it is destroyed or the control system actuates a shutdown signal. Therefore, it is critical that the system be able to withstand the extreme changes in operating conditions. This is why a fire pump system requires manual isolation valves on both the supply and discharge as well as a recirculation piping to ensure that the engine can be adequately cooled during normal operation and maintenance.

A fuel tank must be provided for the diesel engine and a dike or other suitable method is required to prevent spillage. The tank must be located within the fire pump room and a dedicated exhaust vent, visual and monitored fuel level gauge are also required. A heat exchanger is used to cool the engine and the cooling water is routed through a recirculation line. This method of cooling allows the engine to operate at full load and maximum load during annual testing and provides a safety feature that does not require a casing relief valve.

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