The Best DWI Lawyers Are Fearless and Determined to Win

A conviction for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) will not only leave a permanent record on your criminal history but will cost you your driver’s license, increase your auto insurance premiums and result in huge fines. In addition, you may have to pay restitution and undergo alcohol treatment programs. That is why you need to fight the charge with the help of a qualified attorney.

A skilled defense attorney knows how to challenge the evidence against you and the procedures followed by police. He or she will be familiar with the breath and blood testing equipment used in DWI cases, the science behind those tests and how they work, as well as standardized field sobriety test theory and protocol. He or she will also know how to question officers about the circumstances surrounding your arrest and how they handled the case.

Finding a dwi lawyer is a critical decision, one that will affect your future. Choosing an attorney solely on the basis of a luring webpage or unsubstantiated online reviews is a mistake. You wouldn’t trust a podiatrist with open heart surgery, so don’t trust your freedom and future to an inexperienced DUI attorney.

Whether fighting for your freedom or your financial stability, the best dwi lawyer are fearless and determined to win. They are dedicated to their clients and take pride in their work. They are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and have obtained a DWI Defense Certification from the National College for DUI Defense.

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