The Benefits of Sound Healing

In this fast paced world, it can be hard to find a moment of silence and peace. Sound Healing is a popular wellbeing trend that is helping people calm their mind, body and soul. Whether you want to reduce stress or improve your sleep, there is likely to be a healing sound session out there that suits your needs.

The concept is simple, every organ, bone and cell has its own resonant frequency and when one of these is out of tune it affects the others through a process of resonance. By restoring the harmony through vibrations, it is possible to bring the body back into balance thereby relieving the need for medication and surgery.

Sound healing sessions can be done in a number of ways from tuning forks, gongs, drums or Tibetan singing bowls. The key is to create a therapeutic sound bath that is specific to your symptomatic state and intention. For example, if you need to relax then soothing sounds will be used, and for an energising session a more stimulating sound will be played.

As a therapy, it is thought to reduce stress and support healing by encouraging the parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) response which triggers the release of nitric oxide in your body. This promotes circulation, blood flow and immune system function. The effects are also felt on a deeper level by clearing blockages and releasing emotional tension.

Research into the power of music as medicine is ongoing and a growing number of studies indicate that the brainwave frequencies produced by certain music can have significant impacts on physical health and mental well-being. The scientific community has identified a wide range of positive outcomes including reduced pain, anxiety and depression, better sleep, improved cardiovascular function, enhanced immune systems and increased cognitive performance.

While science is catching up, ancient cultures have been using sound as a form of healing for as long as records exist. From Australian aboriginal tribes using didgeridoos for 40,000 years, to Tibetan and Himalayan singing bowls being used in sacred rites, the benefits are undeniable.

Aside from its stress relieving and mood boosting benefits, sound healing may also reduce inflammation, improve circulation, lower cholesterol, increase bone density and improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment. With celebrities like Meghan Markle and Charlize Theron touting its efficacy, it’s no wonder that the healing powers of sound have caught on.

The beauty of this technique is that anyone can incorporate it into their everyday lives. Simply by chanting the word AUM, you can activate the vibrations that resonate throughout your body and help to alleviate symptoms of illness and distress. You can also listen to binaural beats on your phone or listen to calming sounds like the ocean or birds chirping. Whatever your preference, it is recommended to have a clear intention going into any sound healing session and listen with an open heart. That way, the experience will be more effective and the results will be more pronounced. Sound Healing benefits

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