Tech Skills Every Worker Needs to Succeed

There is a good chance that whatever job industry you are in, there will be technologies or software that are essential for your work. Whether it’s a nurse inserting IVs, truck drivers delivering cargo to their destination or digital marketers creating ads that get noticed, there are some tech skills every worker needs to have to succeed.

Basic technology skills include knowing how to use a computer, including word processing software, email clients and web browsers. Higher level technical skills can include programming language knowledge (for example, SQL), data visualization, virtualization and even understanding cybersecurity. The tech landscape is always changing, so learning new skills is critical if you want to stay current with the latest innovations.

One way to start is by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Then, decide which skill set you are most interested in pursuing. Then, find a program or bootcamp that offers the courses you need and can fit your schedule.

Another great option is to start networking with other technologists or people with similar interests. They will be able to give you tips, pointers and ideas on how to learn specific tech skills quickly and efficiently. Plus, they will help you build a community that supports your growth in the field. And, of course, they will be able to provide you with plenty of opportunities for professional development, which is an important aspect of any tech career.

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