Spiritual DNA Activation

Activating our dormant spiritual DNA strands awakens the genius within us and helps us live up to our true potential. In addition to enhancing our personal growth, it improves our health, strengthens our immune system and gives us greater intuition and access to higher dimensions. It also helps to clear family and genetic karmic patterns back 3-5 generations.

DNA is highly immunostimulatory, but it is important for mammalian cells to control its sensing and activation to avoid excessive inflammation. Defects in DNA sensing, signaling, and regulation contribute to human inflammatory diseases. Recent work suggests that the DNA-stimulated innate immune response is tightly integrated with basal cellular processes such as the DNA damage response and autophagy to maintain optimal activation and regulation of this pathway.

Previously, researchers identified an unusual gene activation sequence, called the downstream core promoter region (DPR), that can activate genes even without a TATA box in the promoter region (1). To better understand the DPR sequence, researchers led by Kadonaga used machine learning to identify rare DNA sequences that exhibit the DPR activity in humans but not in fruit flies (Drosophila). In a study published September 9 in Genes & Development, the team showed that these DPR-like DNA sequences contain a single caging group, a DNA-binding protein that prevents the binding of chromatin remodeling complexes and thus triggers gene activation (2). dna activation

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