Silver Kiddush Cup

A silver kiddush cup is used for the Jewish ritual of sanctification (Kiddush) of wine or grape juice before Sabbath and Holidays. Usually, a prayer is said over the cup and it is elevated before all present. The purpose of the prayer is to express gratitude and love for G-d. It is also used as a way to unite family and friends around the table.

Kiddush cups must be crafted out of a precious metal such as silver or gold, or other materials that are considered holy such as wood and ceramics. They can be engraved with designs such as stars of David, lions, flowers, vines and others that are meaningful to the owner. It is also important that a cup for Kiddush is in perfect condition. This is because if a cup has chips or other flaws, it is unsuitable to be used for this ritual.

Silver is one of the most suitable materials for making a Kiddush cup. It is durable, beautiful and has antibacterial properties. Silver is a noble metal that was first mined thousands of years ago in the form of small nuggets. It was later discovered that silver is also anti-fungal and it will prevent bacteria from growing in the cup.

It is important to wash your silver Kiddush cup by hand after each use. It is also a good idea to dry it immediately after washing. If a silver cup is left wet for too long, it can start to tarnish and it will no longer be suitable for Kiddush or other purposes. Ideally, the silver should be polished before and after every use to keep it looking great for as long as possible. silver kiddush cup

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