Share Video on Mac With Flash Player For Online Presentation

What will you do with your digital camera videos on iMac or MacBook? Apple computer provides easy solutions to share your movie online with a quick click on iMovie for YouTube. However, there is a YouTube logo on the player. How to get video on Mac to web page and make it accessible to most visitors?

It is clear that the videos on YouTube are Flash videos and it requires Adobe Flash Player, which is installed on most machines. We can use video converters to convert video to FLV, some are even free to use. However, with FLV video only, the web page will not play. Adobe Flash Player does not handle FLV video separately. We need a player in SWF extension.

Most of the video to Flash converters do not include player as output, not to say a player with playlist. Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac solves the issues about displaying your brand, logo, converting video to Flash and preparing player for you with sample HTML code. You can also choose to output player with playlist.

Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac includes basic video editing functions and quick video conversion. Comparing to the video to Flash converters for Apple Mac OS X, Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac enables users to add company logo, image or video as watermark and text watermark for brand advertising. It also comes out with the function for end user to choose a player style with control bar, specify video playback for player, and display several videos on a player with horizontal playlist.

About Moyea

Moyea Software is a rising developer of flash application and multimedia software. Dedicated to helping people to make best of their creative potential for self-expression, Moyea Software makes every effort to develop easy-to-use and full-featured products of high standard. Moyea’s innovation, value and design have been widely recognized by its consumers all over the world. buy youtube favorites

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