Replacement Cooling Unit For Norcold N61X, N62X & N64X Models

Refrigerator Cooling Unit for Norcold N61X, N62X & N64X Models
If your refrigerator isn’t cooling or emitting a strong ammonia smell it’s time to replace the cooling unit. Fortunately, the repair is not difficult and is a great DIY project.

This remanufactured Norcold cooling unit is ready to install. It comes with a new universal control system, installation manual, foil tape, low expansion foam sealant & thermal mastic.

Before installing the unit we recommend doing a “dry run” by laying the cooler down in the refrigerator and checking that the evaporator foam pack seats fully into the pocket. This will give you a chance to trim any foam that may be interfering with the proper fit before re-installing. It will also give you a chance to test the LP Gas connections and the freezer/fin screws for proper function.

After a few days of dry running the cooling unit, it is ready for installation. If you are apprehensive about installing the unit yourself, we recommend having a local RV service dealer do it for you. They are trained to install these units and can do a better job than you will doing it yourself.

Once the new cooling unit is installed it should be run for a week before being turned on. This allows the fluids to mix properly and will prevent problems caused by the ARP boiler temperature sensor. It is important to follow the installation instructions, as failure to do so could void your warranty. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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