Reformer Pilates in Wollongong

Reformer pilates is a fun and challenging way to tone, strengthen and improve balance. Using specialised equipment such as the reformer bed, Wunda chair and wobble board and functional fitness tools like foam rollers and swiss balls this style of exercise is designed to get results fast. Its unique movement and body awareness based workout can strengthen your core, thighs, glutes, arms, back and abdominal muscles, whilst creating long term flexibility.

If you’ve ever tried Pilates, you will know how important it is to have an experienced qualified instructor. If not performed correctly, you could risk injury and will not experience the amazing results that Pilates can provide you with.

KX Pilates has a fantastic team of Pilates instructors who all have the relevant qualifications and years of experience. Their training has been developed to integrate evidence based principles in exercise science with traditional pilates techniques to enhance results for your body.

Their studio is fully equipped with the latest clinical Pilates equipment such as the Reformer bed, Wunda chair and wobble boards to support your core strength and balance. Classes are kept small and specialised to ensure that you get the most out of your workout with safe movements for all body types. They also use the philosophy of kaizen to build on your progress over time and encourage you to keep learning and growing.

In addition to Pilates, they have a great range of other fitness classes such as HIIT, Barre, and SCULPT. The SCULPT classes are the hottest in town combining elements of Pilates, dance and cardio to deliver high intensity low impact full body workouts to burn fat and build muscle.

Their Pause class is specifically designed for women experiencing the unique changes that come with peri-menopause and menopause. The class combines the power of Pilates with yoga to help reduce stress, tension and discomfort of these hormonal changes.

Located in the heart of Wollongong’s CBD, Club Lime is a modern and fully equipped gym offering a variety of fitness classes. Their RPM classes are the perfect way to boost your cardio, control your speed and resistance level with the guidance of an instructor and get a great workout in a fun and social environment. They also offer a range of personal training sessions, group fitness classes and nutrition workshops. reformer pilates wollongong

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