Real-Time Utility Monitoring

Real-time utility monitoring is a game-changing technology that provides utilities and facility managers with insights that were never before possible. Using real-time data, organizations can monitor and analyze energy consumption patterns in order to identify inefficiencies that are wasting money and resources, as well as implement cost-saving initiatives, resulting in reduced operational expenses.

Historically, energy managers manage their utilities by reactively responding to the information they receive each month on their utility bill. While the bills provide some basic information, they don’t tell them exactly what caused the spike in consumption or why last month’s usage was so drastically different than this month. Real-time tracking and monitoring software enables energy managers to measure spikes in usage, reduce base loads, evaluate peak hours, track energy saving goals and targets more accurately, as well as proactively detect equipment failures before they happen and increase the lifespan of critical assets.

By integrating real-time tracking with GIS, users are able to create a digital twin of their utilities. With the ability to stream data from a wide variety of devices and sensors, real-time monitoring can be connected to any GIS solution to give you a complete picture of your infrastructure.

Utilities can also use real-time tracking to help prevent theft, breaches and vandalism. By monitoring each and every access attempt to remote machinery or facilities, the system can alert administrators within seconds if there’s a breach or break-in in progress. This enables Utilities to put in place more effective deterrence strategies to protect their investments. real-time utility monitoring

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