Chinese Luxury Car Market Creates a Great Leap in the International Forum

Automakers are enjoying its sales figures in great parts of the globe. Moreover, one of the biggest leaping territories when it comes to automobile market is China. China’s luxury car market consists of Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Porsche and Volvo. These automakers have benefited in the increase of market to more than 45 percent in just one year. The remarkable market growth has occurred in the early part of 2004 to the later part of 2005.

According to R. L. Polk & Co., a reliable provider of automotive information and marketing solutions, the most significant growth of the luxury market can be attributed to Jiangsu province which has created 84 percent increase. Next to Jiangsu is Guangdong, making 79 percent recorded growth in market. On the other hand, Zhejiang province also bagged a 54 percent increase.

The information about the remarkable growth of luxury car market in China was delivered by Stephen Polk, chairman, president and CEO of R. L. Polk & Co. at the International Forum of China Automotive Industry Development. His presentation of the information is intended to open new doors of opportunities to support Chinese automakers in developing strategies to boost the growing marketplace.

Polk said “We’ve studied the Chinese market very closely and can provide important business intelligence data to enable manufacturers to control some inevitable change. Building on our U.S. expertise, we are mindful of similarities, but well-educated on the unique customer behavior and automotive trends in China today.” Polk further noted “Chinese automakers must continue to strive for excellence in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, while offering competitive prices. Both are critical to winning market share.”

On the other side of it, while the luxury car market has dramatically increased, the retail price of the top ten registered cars plummeted. The retail price was slashed to about 15 percent since 2005. The figures manifest the pressure behind the increase in the market and the automakers are finding it hard to adjust with the new flow of demands. It was also obvious that customers are opting for larger engines in their luxury cars. Moreover, it is expected that Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Porsche and Volvo auto parts will be addressing this demand from its market. porsche for sale

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