One North – A Vibrant Research and Business Park

One-north is a vibrant research and business park that is home to well-known leading companies from sectors such as biomedical sciences, info-communication technology and media. Besides being the headquarters for some of Singapore’s most prominent companies, one-north also acts as a key gateway to Asia, attracting high-tech and multinational firms from across the globe.

Besides being a science hub, the government’s aim for one-north is to create a community where people can gather to live, work and relax together. In fact, the development is not conceived as a pure public sector project as it has been designed to allow private sectors to contribute towards the social and recreational amenities that will be offered for the people living and working in one-north.

A Biomedical R&D Hub

At the heart of one-north is the Biopolis, a biomedical R&D hub that houses public and private research institutes. It also provides space for peer review and collaboration among the public and private scientific communities.

The site, which was initially envisioned as a research centre for the biomedical industry, is currently a mixed-use facility that includes offices, retail and serviced apartments. It was developed by JTC Corporation and opened in October 2008.

A Digital Agency That Delivers Creative Solutions

One North is a full-service digital agency that helps businesses solve complex problems through an innovative approach that unites brands and communications, technology and infrastructure, and data analytics and insights. Its team of over 100 creative technologists stitch together a deep level of expertise in different disciplines to provide a complete solution.

Our capabilities in brand and communications, digital experience, technology and infrastructure and optimization and insights enable us to build powerful and impactful digital strategies for our clients. With our human touch and the power of collaboration, we bring your vision to life.

A New Home in one-north

When Mrs Bornhoeft and her husband moved to the area for his job, they were looking for a place that was both close to work and where they could connect with the local population. They chose one-north because they were happy with the lifestyle and the amenities it offers.

Their home in Rochester Park 20 is just a short walk away from their office. They have been enjoying the convenience of having their meals at The Star Vista, which has a wide array of restaurants in a single venue.

While their work takes them to other parts of Singapore, they look forward to spending time in their neighbourhood when they are not working. “We are able to easily access the different amenities that one-north has to offer and are able to socialise with the people here,” she says.

She adds that the area is very safe and that it is a good location to raise a family. She has also made some friends here and has a lot of fun going to the various activities that are held regularly throughout the year.

She is very satisfied with one-north and says that it is the best place she has ever lived in. She is very thankful to the management for making the development a success and she looks forward to many more years in this beautiful city. the hill one north condo

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