Nusa Penida Tour

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, nusa penida tour is your perfect getaway. With stunning beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and a unique culture, this hidden paradise has something for everyone. But remember to be a responsible traveller by respecting the local customs and culture, choosing eco-friendly activities, and reducing your waste. Together, we can preserve this beautiful island for generations to come.

Start your day with a prompt hotel pickup from your accommodation in Bali, and head to the meeting point at Nusa Penida, where a sleek fast boat awaits you. Upon arriving, you’ll be greeted by friendly guides and transferred to your customised cruiser.

Your first stop will be the iconic Kelingking Cliff, which offers a stunning view of the cove’s marvelous landscape. Once you’re done capturing some Insta-worthy pictures, your guide will take you to Broken Beach, a beachless cove with towering cliffs that give off an enchanting vibe. Next, you’ll be whisked to Atuh Beach for a serene and refreshing swim in the glistening white sands of this hidden gem.

Be sure to bring your snorkeling gear if you plan on snorkelling, as the water at these sites is crystal clear and ideal for marine life exploration. It’s also a good idea to bring a pair of water shoes, as the rocky shores can be quite slippery, especially when wet. And don’t forget to pack some suncream and a hat or scarf as well! The Nusa Penida weather can be rather unpredictable.

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