Non Lucrative Visa Spain

If you have the financial means to live in Spain, a non lucrative visa spain, commonly referred to as a retirement visa, allows you to reside legally in the country for up to three years without working or engaging in business activities in Spain. This is a great option for people who want to experience Spanish culture and lifestyle and are looking for an alternative to the traditional visa options. The non lucrative visa is also a step towards permanent residency and eventually Spanish citizenship.

The non lucrative visa requires you to prove that you have the financial means to support yourself during your stay in Spain. This is done through the calculation of a minimum income threshold, known as IPREM (Indicator of Minimum Income for Residence in Spain). This figure is adjusted annually to account for inflation. You must also have a private health insurance policy contracted with an entity authorized to operate in Spain. This insurance must have full coverage with all medical specialties and no co-pay.

You will also need to provide proof of other sources of income, such as dividends from investments and rented property. You will also need to submit a criminal record check certificate and an official translation into Spanish by a sworn translator. The final requirement is to have a medical certificate issued by a doctor approved by the Ministry of Public Health of your home country, stating that you are in good health and do not suffer from any chronic or infectious diseases.

Once you have all the required documentation, you can schedule an appointment with the relevant Spanish consulate. During your interview, you will have to give biometrics such as fingerprints and facial image. The processing time can take up to 3 months after the interview, depending on how busy the consulate is. Once the visa is approved, you will have one month from the date of notification to collect it in person at the consulate.

Compared to other types of residence visas, the non lucrative visa is one of the most straightforward to obtain. However, the key to success is to start gathering all the necessary documents as early as possible. This includes filling out the national visa application form correctly, ensuring that all submitted documents comply with the requirements established by Spanish authorities. It is also important to schedule the interview in advance and ensure that you have a valid passport for at least a year. It is also essential to register on the Padron in your municipality and get your TIE (foreigner’s identity card). If you have any questions about obtaining a non lucrative visa, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of experts ready to guide you through the process.

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