Loft Insulation – How Much Should You Insulate

With energy prices going through the roof – quite literally – and the winter chill already setting in, loft insulation is a great investment that can save money on your bills, make your home feel warmer and increase its value. It’s also a good idea if you are considering converting your loft into an extra bedroom.

The government recommends a depth of at least 270mm but many people opt for more – it all depends on your circumstances and what type of property you have. For example, if your home is newer then it will probably have plenty of loft insulation as it was designed to meet the current building regulations.

For older properties, the recommended depth of loft insulation can vary. It may be as little as 270mm or it could be more like 380mm depending on the type of material used. There are a number of options to choose from such as insulation boards or the more eco-friendly option of blown loose-fill insulation.

Whichever type of insulation you are choosing, the first thing to do is clear out your loft (although if it’s in good condition then there is no need to remove it). Once it is free of any obstructions then the next layer of insulation can be placed. This should be 170 mm – 200 mm thick and can be laid perpendicular or at a right angle to the joists. The key is not to squish the material as this can diminish its thermal efficiency by over 50%.

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