Little knowledge about beauty and skin—what is tretinoin

The most obvious sign of wrinkles make the skin aging is the appearance of wrinkles,Little knowledge about beauty and skin—what is tretinoin Articles this natural problems is bothering all people. Moisturizing product can’t get rid of wrinkles, just only make wrinkles is not obvious. If the skin moisturizing is proper, the cells will contain plenty of water, the skin will show a bright and clean condition. But what should be remembered is that, the skin moisture make the skin wet not the oily cent. What kind of skin care products should oily skin people use? Experts suggest that they should use those cosmetics which contain tretinoin.

Tretinion is a cosmetics material which extracted from vitamin A, an external use tretinion used in the treatment of acne, at present has already been used to remove wrinkles, but this method has not been recognized universally. At present, the drugs on the market only can be used in a prescription from a doctor. This medicine only effective to specific people, some patients use this drug will be shown after the complications, usually these patients buy those drugs from Mexico or through a friend’s illegal buy. The most the main side effects of this medicine is that it can make the skin too dry, and more easy to be sunburned, so what kind of skin care products should dry skin people use. In order to reduce the side effects, the tretinoin manufacturer thorough many years’ test, provide the following directions:

Tretinion and use guidelines: what is tretinion? There is a closed relationship between Tretinion and vitamin A, it’s a kind of prescription drugs, there is A box agent, gel and other forms. Different skin type use different potions, and at the same time, dosage is not the same. Dermatologist will choose the most suitable for your species according to your skin type, the correct use of the drug and choose the right agent is the same important. To get the usage and dosage of the most reasonable proposal, you had better go consulting specially trained dermatologist.

The use of tretinion (the following advice is commonly used, according to your skin type, your skin care experts will be put forward to your special advice, their special advice is very important for you). 1. Usually used one time a day, and use before bedtime. The first few weeks you had better not frequent use. 2. use after wash face 30 minutes. 3. while using you usually need to pat cheeks. 4. Avoid mouth, eye, nose and the wound while using. 5. Use mild cleansing products. 6. Avoid the stimulation of sunshine, strong wind and cold air. 7. Before use other medicines and cosmetics you should inquire to your skin care experts. 8. Use the hydrating products does not contain the essence every day. 9. Show up any too much red, stimulation reaction or unwell feeling should immediately stop taking the medication.  Tretinoin for Collagen

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