How to Spot an MK Shoulder Bag

When you want to carry your essentials in style, an MK shoulder bag is a chic choice. The over-the-shoulder silhouette is a classic look, and it’s great for running errands, going to class, or going out on the town. The brand’s designer bags are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, with accents like chains and edgy studs. There are also plenty of options in leather and canvas.

The label’s diffusion line, MICHAEL Michael Kors, offers a laid-back downtown take on the classic uptown glamour of the brand. Discover classic leather ‘Jet Set Travel’ totes, along with sleek crossbody styles and satchels in soft pastels. This collection includes a selection of the designer’s iconic logo medallion, as well as signature stripes and floral prints.

Authentic Michael Kors bags are made with high-quality materials like brass and gold. They’re also heavier than most low-quality imitations. The logo and other engraved text on a genuine MK bag will be crisp and clear. Look for the MK initials engraved on the outside of the bag and “Michael Kors” written in all caps with squared-off font.

Aside from the MK initials and logo, you can find more telltale signs of authenticity by examining the lining material. Original MK totes use a light, almost beige shade of fabric for their linings. Knock-off bags may have a darker shade of fabric or the logo printing may appear more faded. In addition, an original MK bag’s zipper should close above a leather tab and not tuck into it.

Another way to spot a fake Michael Kors bag is by looking at its serial number. The serial numbers on authentic MK bags are usually eight digits long and begin with MK or 84. The numbers also indicate the date of manufacture.

You can also check the label for a metallic MK emblem that’s found on most authentic purses. The emblem is a metal MK icon that resembles two circles that overlap slightly. If you see this logo on the purse, it’s a surefire sign that it is a true MK product.

The MK logo is the brand’s trademark, so it should be printed on all of its products. If you see a bag with an expanded logo that’s more than just the MK initials, then it’s not an authentic item. In addition to the MK initials, authentic items should feature a gold-toned logo on the front flap or the handle. The logo should be printed on the interior lining of the bag as well. Look for the MK initials, which should be pressed against the fabric and have a glossy sheen to them. The MK emblem should be a circle with rounded corners and a thin strip of gold on the top. v

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