How to Prepare Yourself to Apply For Jobs Online

Using an online job application can be time consuming and frustrating. Many applicants don’t hear back from a company for weeks, if at all. This lack of human contact can be demoralising for job seekers and can make them question their suitability for the role.

To help alleviate these problems, it’s important for candidates to be prepared before filling out an online application. Review the job requirements to understand what skills and attributes are most critical for the position. Then, be ready to provide real examples of how you’ve demonstrated those skills or competencies in past roles. Remember, the more relevant the example is to the job you are applying for, the better. Examples can come from your work experience, university, travel and even your hobbies or volunteer activities.

In addition to providing your employment history, some online applications ask you to answer short-answer questions or write a response to specific prompts. It may be helpful to prepare these responses on a separate piece of paper, or in a word processing program, before filling out the online application, so you can check that your answers are clearly written and correct. It might also be a good idea to read through your responses aloud, as hearing them can help you catch any grammar or spelling errors.

Companies will often ask you to specify your availability on an online application, especially for jobs in the food, retail and service industries. Be ready to respond with what days you are available to work, and whether you would be willing to work holidays or weekend shifts. Some applications will also include a short personality or aptitude test to gauge your suitability for the role. Apply for jobs online

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