How to Get the Most Out of Your Dating Photos

Whether you’re a newbie to dating or a long time player, having good quality photos of yourself is vital for success. But it’s not just about finding the perfect angle or choosing a flattering filter, your Dating photos need to tell your story and connect with your potential matches.

With so many people swiping left and right on Tinder and the like, having the best possible photos to hand will give you a huge advantage. Saskia Nelson, founder of the dating photography brand Hey Saturday, has helped more than 3,500 singles to create a stand out set of photos for their online profiles. In this article, she reveals her top tips for getting the most out of your Dating photos.

DO include both full length and head shots to show off your shape and your body language. Men are very attracted to women who have a shape and show their arms and shoulders, so don’t be afraid to embrace your curves.

DON’T wear a hat or sunglasses. You want to be sure your face and eyes are visible, especially if you’re using a dark background. If you can, try to get outdoors and take your photo during the golden hour at either sunrise or sunset. This is the light that’s soft and flattering and will make you look your best.

DO smile in your photo. While moody shots and David Beckham style brooding pictures can work for some people, the research shows that a smiling shot is the most effective. This helps to convey openness and warmth which will appeal to your potential dates.

Do avoid photos that make you look self-conscious or insecure. You may be very self-assured in real life, but when it comes to your Dating photos you’re looking for a more casual and friendly expression. It can be tempting to hide anything you don’t feel great about in a picture, but your date will probably notice any awkward quirks and will be turned off by them anyway.

Don’t use any old or filtered photos. Unless you’ve had them done professionally, they’ll look too dated and will make it difficult for your potential match to recognise you. In fact, it’s best to start a new set of pictures just for your Dating profile so that you can be sure the images are fresh and up to date.

DON’T use group shots for your profile photos. People are swiping through your pictures very quickly and don’t have time to figure out who is in each photograph. Plus, if they don’t see you smiling, they’ll probably swipe right past your profile.

Lastly, DON’T include photos with your pets. While this might seem obvious, a dog or cat can be a distraction and may turn potential dates off. If you do want to include a pet, keep it in a well-lit shot with you and the animal in close focus. Alternatively, have a friend snap a photo of you with your pet. Dating photos

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