How to Get Started in Real Estate Photography Near Me

Real estate photography can help sellers and buyers see every nook and cranny of a property. It can also make a house look beautiful and help it sell quickly.

Choosing a professional real estate photographer is important to ensure that the photos are high-quality and accurate. To find one, search for real estate photography near me You can also check the professional’s portfolio online.

Getting Started

Real estate photographers provide high-quality images of property listings to realtors or homeowners. These images can make a listing stand out online and encourage potential buyers to take a closer look at the property. In addition, they can help sell a home faster and for a higher price. But getting started in real estate photography can be daunting. To get the most out of your business, you need a website that showcases your work and attracts new clients. In addition, you should invest in a camera and a tripod that are suitable for real estate photography.

You also need a lens that is wide enough to capture the full range of a scene and a flash for outdoor photos. A Godox V1 is a good choice, but you may want to invest in a softbox to create diffused lighting. You should also experiment with different exposure bracketing settings to find the best ones for your style.

Another important aspect of real estate photography is to be able to identify and highlight the key features of a property. For example, a unique fireplace or large windows can set a property apart from the competition. You should also use a tilt-shift lens to ensure that all the lines in a photo are straight.

Some real estate photographers also offer additional services, including 2-D floor plans and aerial drone photos. However, this should be priced separately from the photography services.


If you’re looking for a real estate photographer near me, it’s essential to look for someone who has a reputation for taking quality photos and delivering them quickly. You should also be sure that the person you hire is familiar with local real estate photography trends. For example, sellers want photos that make a space feel light and airy, so photographers need to have an understanding of how to use different angles and lenses.

One way to find a good real estate photographer is to ask for referrals from people you trust. You can also search online for professional photographers who specialize in real estate photography. These professionals typically follow a code of ethics and benchmarks established by PPA (Professional Photographers of America). You can also find photographers by location on Facebook. Many of these groups see a lot of activity, and you can use Facebook’s search tool to filter by photographic specialty.

Another great way to find a real estate photographer is to attend industry events and network with other photographers. Creating a good rapport with other people in the business can open up new opportunities for you to take better photos or land bigger clients. If you’re unsure how to network at an event, try sending some well-crafted emails that make it clear that you’re interested in connecting with potential clients.


Whether you are a landscape photographer with a passion for real estate, or an architect with experience shooting interiors, building a portfolio website is essential for showcasing your work. Having a dedicated website allows potential clients to easily see your work and assess your skills. A portfolio can also be used to help you land real estate photography jobs.

Creating a real estate photography portfolio starts with having quality images of both interior and exterior property shots. This is especially important if you want to land investment properties because good visuals can increase the value of the property and reduce its market time.

To get high-quality photos, it’s important to plan ahead and take lots of pictures. You can also try experimenting with different angles and perspectives to make the space look bigger. It’s also important to have a wide-angle lens and capture as much of the property as possible. The best time to shoot property photos is during golden hour, which is about an hour before sunset.

It’s important to make your portfolio specific to real estate photography, rather than a mixed photography website. This will show clients that you are serious about this career and not just doing it for fun. Moreover, a real estate photography website will be more likely to attract clients than a general photography site.


If you’re considering a career in real estate photography, you should be prepared for high volume shoots and long hours. The industry is also competitive, so it’s important to build a strong network to get work. Fortunately, networking is easier than ever because of social media. Many real estate photographers join photo groups on Facebook to find clients. Using the right keywords and search tricks can help you find the best groups to join.

While the equipment required for real estate photography is less expensive than other genres, you’ll still need to invest in some basic gear. A full-frame camera with a wide-angle lens is essential, along with a tripod and flash. A quality real estate photographer will also need a bag that can safely protect their gear during travel between properties. There are many different types of bags available on the market, including backpacks, roller bags, and sling bags.

It’s also a good idea to have a drone to capture aerial footage of a property. This type of footage can be especially useful in marketing properties, and it’s often more effective than photos. It’s also possible to use a drone to create virtual tours and 3D floor plans of a home. Before hiring a real estate photographer, be sure to check out their portfolio and ask what types of services they offer. You can also ask them what kind of equipment they have to photograph properties in difficult locations, such as a basement or attic.

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