How to Create a Realtor Marketing Plan That Will Knock the Socks Off Your Competition

As a professional, you must create a quality Realtor Marketing Plan that will guide you through your business this year. If you do not plan, you will experience so many unnecessary failures in your business.

Here are the steps to take when creating your marketing plan:

1.       Ask yourself questions: What is your product/service? What makes it special? What do you do that is unique? Who are your customers and what do they want/need?

2.       Understand that your plan should be SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE. This is the place to come up with a concrete budget as well.

3.       Do market research such as the number of houses on the market, what sold last year in your area, how many competing agents there are, etc. Know your numbers so you know what you need to overcome.

4.       Break out your budget into areas: advertising, mailing costs, open houses, gifts, etc.

5.       Ask yourself what marketing worked well for you last year? What did not work well?

6.       What is my target market? (Geographical, first time buyers, retirees, etc)

7.       Prepare a mission statement.

8.       What are some niche markets you can service?

9.       What are some marketing strategies you want to use this year? (Networking clubs, speaking at local club meetings, getting more involved in your Board, getting REO listings, farming neighborhoods, etc.) custom fuzzy socks bulk

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