How To Avoid Getting Your YouTube Account Terminated

Are you an entrepreneur running your own business online and you constantly upload videos, video articles and video blogs in YouTube and other popular video sharing sites? But at one point you suddenly find your YouTube account terminated? You worry because you need it for your video marketing strategies to effectively promote your business but now, your account is ended and as per YouTube’s guidelines, you are not eligible to create a new account or carry out any YouTube activities.

What Makes A YouTube Account Expire?

The question lies on why did your YouTube account finish in the first place? Some of the most common reasons why accounts in YouTube may be expired include that of first, having violated any of the postulations in the Terms Of Usage as provided by YouTube. Or maybe you have infringed on the policies specified in YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Or it could also possibly be because there were claims brought up regarding copyright infringement against you or your company.

More to the point, possible spamming or undesirable videos uploaded and shared within the site can also be some of the most usual grounds for account termination. In other words, if you are guilty of any of these offenses, then it would be best to stop doing any of them before you get your final third strike. That way, you may avoid having your YouTube account terminated.

IP Address Getting Banned

Aside from possibly getting your YouTube account ended, there are also other usual problems encountered by people who like you, have found their accounts seized with no prior notice. One of which is discovering that as soon as their accounts have been ended by YouTube, these account holders also find out that their IP address has been banned at the same time.

But nothing to worry because if you will do your share of the homework and check out if there is something you can do with a banned IP address, you will find out that there are remedies to this situation.

Watch What You Put In Your Videos

One last thing, it is not enough that you create entertaining and informative videos that can capture the attention and interest of your target market. It is also very important that you are meticulous about what you put in your videos. Because oftentimes, users find their YouTube account terminated mainly because of the misleading tags, meta tags, titles, descriptions and thumbnails that they put in their videos. Although they do this to boost traffic to their videos, they are not aware that these can actually be reasons for their accounts to expire. buy likes for youtube

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