How Anyone Can Own Rental Real Estate in an IRA

Are you looking to add a little “cushion” to fall back on when you retire? Wondering how you can make up for all the money you lost from the stock market crash? If you didn’t know already, you can own rental real estate in your IRA account and add tax-free profits to your retirement bottom line. However, there are some pros and cons to doing this, which we will go over in this article along with other ways to profit using your IRA.

When you purchase real estate in an IRA account, you must find the right custodian that will hold your funds and meet all your needs. You must also choose to self direct your IRA, which gives you full control over what you invest your funds in. With a self directed IRA, you get to choose from a wide array of investments, but let’s keep this article focused on real estate.

You should also be aware of a few rules that go along with owning real estate in an IRA. You cannot take part in a “self serving” deal- meaning you cannot buy a piece of real estate you plan to live in or vacation at yourself. You also cannot allow any of your close family members to live on the property. To be safe, you should not involve any of your family members with any of the real estate in your IRA.

This is why it’s so important to find a good self directed IRA custodian who can educate you on this kind of stuff. There are a lot to choose from, so make sure you find one that has plenty of knowledge and experience.

So, as you can probably imagine, there are some significant costs you must incur when you own rental real estate in your IRA- all the taxes and fees that go along with owning real estate, repair and renovation costs, realtor costs, etc. Sometimes, these costs can out way the profits you plan to make. To prevent this from happening, make sure you do not go at investing in real estate in an IRA alone.

You can also purchase real estate in an IRA and quickly “flip” it for a profit. The process is very similar to the one you follow when you own rental real estate in your IRA, but instead of collecting rent from tenants, you find a qualified buyer to purchase the house from you. And just like when you own rental real estate in your IRA, you should not go at “flipping” real estate alone.


Find a well-established company that can hold your hand throughout this whole process. This way, you can utilize the knowledge and experience of a company that knows how to invest in real estate in an IRA the right way.

I know of a company like this- one that creates generous returns for investors by involving them in a socially conscious kind of investing. With this kind of company, you can make a generous return on your investment while helping to stimulate neglected communities and create quality homes for hard-working middle class families to settle down in.

What if you could be involved with an experienced and well-connected company that provided you with a “hands-off” approach to owning real estate in an IRA? What if this company would connect you with the right kind of custodian, find you the right deals to take advantage of, make all the necessary repairs and renovations, and even find you tenants or qualified buyers for your investment properties.. Amber Sea

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