How a Cyber Security Assessment Can Help Your Business

With a constantly evolving digital landscape, and increasingly more people, companies and government agencies getting online, cyber security is in high demand. This field is a bulwark against the constant threat of sophisticated cyberattacks, and its professionals are essential in protecting computer systems, data and digital infrastructure.

A cybersecurity assessment can identify which areas of your business are most at risk for a breach and help you put the right protections in place. This includes having frequent, systematic backups in case of an attack or a data loss. It also means implementing multi-factor authentication so that hackers have more hurdles to jump over before they can access your systems.

In addition, a cybersecurity assessment can be used to ensure your business adheres to general and industry-specific compliance regulations. For example, if your company handles customer information such as health insurance records, then it’s important to make sure your employees follow HIPAA guidelines when handling this data. A cyber exercise can help you keep track of which employees are more lax in following these guidelines, so that you can create stronger policies that better protect your data.

Cybersecurity is an incredibly complex practice, but it’s one that is gaining more attention from executives outside of IT departments and is becoming more widely seen as a core component of every business. As such, it’s a growing career field where there are plenty of opportunities to learn and advance your skills. Those with an IT background, in particular, can find their skills easily transferable to a cyber security role by taking a cybersecurity bootcamp or studying for relevant certifications. Managed Detection and Response

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