Grip Socks Manufacturer

Our best-selling original cushioned grip sock is perfect for barre and pilates. Made with terry cushioning throughout and sports ribbing to prevent feet from slipping inside the sock. The low-rise design is great for yoga, Pilates, or barre workouts, as well as everyday activities like running, cycling and gym work. Designed for better balance, improved comfort and style.

Grip socks are a special type of anti-skid socks that are designed to have short rubber bumps on the bottom surface of the sole of the foot. The purpose of these rubber bumps is to increase the friction between the shoes and the sock sole, so that it can help to achieve the effect of anti-skid. In addition to the normal flocking fabric, a variety of materials can also be used to make grip socks, such as PVC and silica gel. In general, these two materials are thicker than the traditional flocking fabric.

Besides the function of anti-skid, grip socks can also be worn in places such as amusement parks and trampoline parks, because without them, shoes will become slippery and there is the risk that people will fall. Furthermore, bare feet will sweat and breed bacteria, making it difficult to exercise comfortably.

Grip Socks Manufacturer: BHL is a world-class FPP grip socks manufacturer, producing top quality products in high volumes at affordable wholesale prices. All our socks are made from OEKO TEX certified raw materials, and pass rigorous quality inspections. Our team is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technology and manufacturing methods in order to bring you the best products available in the market.  grip socks manufacturer

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