Employee Communication Apps

Healthy workplace communication is a necessity for businesses. But a lack of proper tools can lead to missed opportunities, hindered productivity, and even lost business. Thankfully, there are now many employee communication app available in the market to ensure critical messages reach your staff.

Slack is one of the most popular employee communication app options on the market, allowing employees to connect in a chat-style messaging system. Dedicated channels can be set up for teams, projects, or topics to keep everyone on the same page. Team members can instantly message each other or conduct video calls through the platform to discuss matters. In addition, Slack supports a centralized calendar and enables administrators to track performance metrics and attendance through data analytics.

Another popular option is Yammer, an internal social media tool that connects staff in a less structured way and allows for the creation of communities of interest and employee advocacy. Designed as an integral part of the Microsoft suite, Yammer also provides access to insights and analytics to support organizational goals.

Workvivo offers a unified communication tool that combines an intranet, news feed, and employee chat into a single platform. It is accessible through mobile apps and desktop browsers and supports multiple languages. It features a familiar newsfeed-style interface that minimizes the learning curve for employees. Its advanced features include targeted messaging, recurring notifications, and analytics reporting.

Another great employee communication app is Simpplr, which allows employees to share updates and project progress in a newsfeed-style format. It also includes an employee directory, chat functionality for 1-on-1 conversations, and secure transfer of files. This employee communications app also enables managers to create visual reports and dashboards to simplify management tasks.

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