Dry Needling North Canton Ohio

Dry needling north canton ohio is a technique performed by licensed physical therapists that uses filiform needles to penetrate the skin and affect change in body structures and functions. It is used in conjunction with a comprehensive physical therapy approach to evaluate and treat neuromuscular conditions, pain, movement impairments and disability.

Unlike acupuncture, where the treatment is based on Eastern medicine, a physical therapist trained in dry needling uses a Western approach to evaluation and treatment. This includes taking a detailed history of the condition and doing a thorough physical exam. Your provider will ask about any medications you are taking and discuss any health concerns or limitations you may have. They will also look at your posture and a variety of other factors to determine if you are a good candidate for dry needling.

Before the treatment, your provider will clean the area to be treated and then insert a needle into a muscle. You should expect to feel a slight prick from the needle as it is inserted. Once the provider finds the right muscle, they will gently move the needle around. They might also apply a light massage to the area. You may feel a muscle twitch or a kneading sensation as the needle works its way through the muscles.

Dry needling is considered safe for most people. However, some people are unable to receive the treatment due to contraindications. These include:

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