Dog Dewormer For Cancer

Dogs and humans alike are often afflicted with deadly cancers. While pharmaceutical medicine struggles to find a cure, many individuals are taking matters into their own hands with unorthodox methods. One of the more strange and intriguing examples of this phenomenon is the use of a simple dog dewormer for cancer. This medication, known as fenbendazole (FZ), is widely used in pet animals as an antiparasitic agent to eliminate intestinal parasites. Recently, however, it has been repurposed by cancer patients as an anticancer agent with dramatic results. These results are being published in some of the strictest and most reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals.

This unorthodox approach to treating cancer is gaining steam due to the success of its most prominent proponent: Joe Tippens. Having been told by doctors that he had just months to live after being diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer, Tippens opted for a less conventional treatment. He began taking fenbendazole, which is sold under the commercial brand name Panacur C.

The drug works by blocking a protein in cancer cells that allows them to survive. By doing so, the drug causes the tumors to degrade and die. In addition to fenbendazole, Tippens also uses CBD oil and turmeric in his regimen. He credits this combination with bringing his cancer into remission.

Although skeptics are quick to dismiss the miracle of dog dewormer for cancer, many are beginning to take notice. Penn Vet researchers have been able to replicate the treatment’s success in other dogs with osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer that is particularly common among large breeds like Great Danes and German shepherds. Using a similar immunotherapy, the Penn Vet team has also shown promise in attacking cancers of the stomach, intestines, and ovaries.

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