Dental Surgery Equipment

dental surgery equipment is used to perform surgical procedures such as removals, biopsy, and implant placement. It is important that this equipment be in good working condition and well maintained to ensure proper patient care. It is also critical that staff members are aware of the instruments and equipment they will be using during a procedure and have a clear understanding of their functions. This ensures the correct tool is being utilized and prevents iatrogenic damage or injury.

In order to reduce iatrogenic injuries, it is recommended that a checklist be used before a dental surgical process begins. This allows for pre-operative checks to be performed by both the clinician and the patient. This can include confirming the proper use of instrumentation, sterilization, and the presence of local anesthesia.

A variety of instruments are required for oral surgical procedures and must be carefully selected, sharpened, packaged, and stored between cases. Having organized instrument packs helps to avoid instrument damage and loss and increases procedural efficiency. Careful packaging of unused instruments can also help to reduce cleaning and autoclaving costs by eliminating the need for multiple primary dental packs.

Many manufacturers offer high-quality dental surgical equipment. Integra Life Sciences leads globally in the manufacture of medical instruments and their brand Miltex is famous for developing exquisite dental hand tools that are designed through consultation with leaders in hand ergonomics to create soft, tactile grips with razor-sharp points for increased accuracy. Henry Schein is another major manufacturer with a global presence offering large equipment, management software, small equipment, instrument repairing and sharpening, and office redesign services. They also offer a rewards program where you can earn discounts and offers on purchases.

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