Coleman Sleeping Bags – The Secrets Unlocked

Are you an avid camper? Do you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are someone who understands how critical it is to ensure that you purchase and use the best camping gear. In short, when it comes to buying products and equipment for camping or other recreational activities you want to ensure that you are getting these items from a company that has a solid reputation in the field. This is particularly the case as it relates to sleeping bags. For quite some time now, these sleeping bags have been in front of the competition.

The Coleman brand has always been one and the same when it comes to first-rate quality products. If you ask anyone that is familiar to camping, they will tell you the exact same thing. Coleman manufactures products that are of high quality. Coleman manufactures a selection of products that include Coleman Tents, Coleman Coolers, Coleman Heaters, and Coleman Sleeping Bags.

In the Coleman line of products, an all time favorite appears to be Coleman sleeping bags. You are probably wondering what features make these bags so popular among campers of all ages. I am going to talk about the various important factors such as durability, comfort, convenience, versatility, and affordability and we shall find out the secrets of these bags together.

Durability is a Factor in Coleman Sleeping Bags:

You will be amazed at the features that give Coleman sleeping bags their high level of durability. People tend to move around often while sleeping, These particular bags endure the continuous movements and are made from materials such as polyester, ripstop polyester, nylon, ripstop nylon, cotton, and heavy duty cotton canvas for the outer shell. Fiberlock is also featured which keeps the sleeping bags insulation in place despite the rigorous movements. All of these features provide optimum performance that stands out among the competition.

Coleman Sleeping Bags Are Comfortable:

Sleeping in Coleman sleeping bags is just like sleeping in your very own bed; they have Hollofil 808 which ensures that whoever is using the sleeping bag will experience a lavish sleep. On a side note, ComfortSmart Technology was used to manufacture these bags which guarantees an enhanced level of comfort. Thermlock, which prevents heat loss, guarantees that you will be warm throughout the night. Scores of people have testified that this brand of  bag that you sleep in, will make you forget that you are sleeping outdoors.

Coleman Sleeping Bags Are Convenient:

These slumber bags  are designed for easy use. These  bags feature a Roll Control that locks the bag into place, a Zipper Glide that allows smooth zipping, and a Wrap N Roll carrier that provides for easy packing. On top of all of these great features, ZipPlow prevents zipper and fabric snags. These bags come in a variety of different colors and have available sizes in king, queen, full, and kid sizes.They are machine-washable and use commercial washers only. If you elect to wash them by hand, simply use mild soap and warm water. It is very important to dry the bag out completely before storing it as to not attract mold and mildew.

Versatility is a Key Factor in Coleman Sleeping Bags

These types of bags stand in front of the competition because they offer different types of  bags according to the temperature you prefer. For example, there are Mild Temperature bags that are specifically designed for 30 degree temperatures and above. Moderate Temperature bags are made to keep you warm in temperatures between 20-30 degrees. Lastly, the Extreme Temperature bags are intended for campers who camp in temperatures that are 15 degrees and below. With these specifications in place, you will never make a mistake.

Coleman Sleeping Bags Are Affordable:

Considering the top notch quality of Coleman Sleeping Bags, you will be quite surprised at how reasonably priced they are. Once you are the proud of owner of a sleeping bag you will also have a 5-year warranty. This shows that the company backs their goods. The typical price range for a Coleman Sleeping Bag is anywhere from $17.95 to $126.95; with this type of affordability, anyone can find a that will fit their budget.. allstate customer service

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