CNC Precision Turning

Turning is part of machining and is a process that places a single point cutting tool in parallel position of the surface, traditionally this was a manual process in which a lathe was used that must constantly be supervised by a trained individual. Now that method has changed dramatically and the whole process is overlooked by a computer program. This is called CNC Precision Turning, CNC stands for Computer numerical control and is the process of computer software plotting out the task at hand and controlling the machine to perform this operation, CNC Turning does not require supervision and is extremely precise and accurate.

This process is done by the material you need (Metal, Plastic or Wood) being rotated by a machine, a cutting tool is then traversed along x and y axes in turn producing precise depths and diameters. Out of the various machining processes Turning is easily one of the most basic in its operation, there are certain process that make up Turning:


Facing involves the cutting tool being moved at right angles to the rotating materials axes. This is often the first process performed when turning. automotive plastic injection molding

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