Cloud Gavel Increases Public Safety With Electronic Warrants

Designed to help attorneys spend more time doing billable work for clients, Gavel provides an all-in-one platform that helps automate contract drafting and client intake. Firms can create interview workflows to collect data and documents from clients, search responses to individual workflows, re-use current data across multiple workflows and more, all in a no-code Microsoft Word add-in or web application.

Dorna Moini, CEO of Gavel, is an attorney and entrepreneur who founded the no-code software platform to help law firms build document automation and client-facing web applications. Prior to founding Gavel, she was a litigator at Sidley Austin and pro bono counsel for legal aid organizations.

Developed by Fusionstak LLC, cloud gavel is the market-leading Electronic Warrants solution in the United States and has processed millions of warrant transactions for arrest, search and affidavit warrants and other court processes. Using CloudGavel technology, officers can create warrants anytime, anywhere from any internet-capable device and have them sent electronically to the judge for digital review and approval.

The Arrest Warrant Xchange is a central database of all arrest and bench warrants completed in CloudGavel. It allows officers from different departments to share information with each other and the public, increasing the effectiveness of crime prevention efforts.

The system also allows officers to generate a warrant while they are in the field on their squad car’s computer. This can reduce the amount of time an officer has to wait to be approved for a warrant, which is critical for public safety. cloud gavel

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