Choosing Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps are a great way to add a little extra lighting to your bedroom. From traditional table lamps to space-saving clip-on lights, there’s a variety of styles and designs to suit your taste and decor.

Choosing the right bedside lamp is crucial to creating an inviting room. You want to consider what you’ll be using it for, such as reading or relaxing in the bed, and then choose a style that matches your mood.

There are a wide variety of design styles, ranging from versatile and timeless to contemporary and trendy. The base and shade of the lamp can also affect the aesthetic, says interior designer Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors.

A ceramic base leans more traditional, whereas a metal base leans more modern. You can also opt for a pleated or drum-style shade to change up the design even further.

Some lamps have a swivel function, meaning you can turn the head of the lamp to direct light wherever you need it. Other models offer telescoping poles and goosenecks to change up the height or position of the light.

Adjustable bedside lamps are ideal for task lighting, such as reading or working. They’re usually built with an adjustable arm that pivots and swings into different positions.

Another type of lamp, a pull-chain light, is convenient and stylish. It also provides a warm glow for your nightstand.

Unlike desk lamps, which sit on the floor, bedside lamps are usually placed on top of a bed frame, according to Home Decorating Ideas. This allows the bottom of the lamp shade to reach eye level when you’re sitting up in bed. This makes it easier to read by, and will keep your eyes from straining too much if you’re trying to sleep.

One popular option is the Hugoai Smart LED lamp, which has an Alexa-enabled app and lets you control your lighting with voice commands. The app can adjust the brightness of the light and change color temperature, depending on what you’re doing at that moment.

You can also set the light to turn on slowly and gradually increase in intensity over time, as if you were waking up from a natural sunrise. This lamp is perfect for people who struggle to fall asleep, and is recommended by many health experts.

A touch control bedside lamp is another popular choice, offering a soft, warm, and minimalist lighting solution that’s perfect for sleeping in. It’s available in a variety of colors, has an adjustable shade, and is even a handy charging station.

Some modern designs are influenced by the mid-century style, such as Globe Electric’s Belmont bedside lamp, which features a sleek matte black base with antique brass finishes. It’s a great choice for industrial and mid-century aesthetics, but can also work in a modern or contemporary bedroom, especially with a Philips Hue bulb inserted into the base.

You can also get a lamp with a swivel function, like the Hugoai Smart LED lamp, or one that changes color to suit your mood. These lamps are perfect for people who struggle to fall asleep, or are looking for a calming nightlight. They can be paired with an Alexa-enabled device, which will allow you to control your light from anywhere in the house or even while on vacation!

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