Car Magnets Are Great Small Business Marketing Tools

When you’re driving on the highway, cruise a crowded parking lot or even watch a racing channel you see a blur of decals and car magnets plastered with logos for various companies and causes. These small business marketing tools get noticed and are a great way to increase your brand awareness.

When used correctly, your car magnet will display all of your essential information, from your company name and phone number to a link to your website. It’s like a traveling business card that will be seen by thousands of people and will help to keep your company top of mind.

A car magnet is an affordable alternative to a vehicle wrap or decal, and it can easily be removed when you change vehicles. This makes it ideal for businesses that frequently switch vehicles or for those who want to avoid damaging their vehicle’s paint job.

Before you apply your custom car magnet, make sure that the surface where you plan to install it is flat and metal without any bumps or curves. It’s also recommended that you remove your car magnet frequently and clean the application surface and back of the magnet, especially during car washes. Doing so will prevent trapped dirt, debris and water from damaging both surfaces over time.

Ideally, your custom car magnet should be able to be read from about 300 feet away. That’s how far it takes for someone to run a football field and is the approximate distance that a driver will be behind your car while they are in traffic. car magnets

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