Bilanz – Organisations – Und Steuerservice GmbH

Bilanz is a German language biweekly business magazine published in Zurich, Switzerland. The magazine started its edition published in Germany in 2014.

Bilanz offers solidly investigated printed business journalism, with a focus on the Swiss economy and on the 300 richest Swiss people. It also covers current economic events, investment and management of financial assets.

The top technology used by Bilanz is Adobe Stock, JavaScript and HTML.

B O S Bilanz – Organisations – Und Steuerservice GmbH employs over 30 employees in their own offices. You can uncover their employee details in less than 30 seconds.

SNI’s e-bilanz solution maps all general ledger accounts to e-bilanz taxonomies (taxonomies are special scheme structures in which the data format for electronic transmission is specified). The result is an XBRL document that is sent electronically via the ELSTER portal directly from SAP to the fiscal authority.

XBRL is an information standard for business reporting based on XML. It is an efficient and effective means for automated business information exchange.

For more information about XBRL please visit the XBRL website.

A new reporting obligation under ss portion 5b of the German Income Tax Law requires certain taxpayers to submit their balance sheet in electronic format to the fiscal authority. This obligation began in 2014 and is applicable to traders and non-traders with turnover of more than EUR 60,000. Bilanz

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