Best CBD For Dog Anxiety

If your dog is a bit anxious, whether before thunderstorms, during trips to the vet or groomer, or even when you leave for work in the morning, CBD can help calm him down. And the best cbd for dog anxiety also offers other health-boosting benefits, like joint support and immune system boosts.

There are lots of reasons your dog might feel anxious, from a lack of sleep or a bad diet to being around people or other dogs. CBD may help by boosting serotonin levels and improving sleep quality, which can lead to reduced stress responses and anxiolytic effects.*

Our picks for the best cbd for dog anxiety include chewable treats, oils and supplements, all of which can be given to your pup before or during a stressful event. Regardless of the type of product you choose, look for high reviews from other pet parents and organic ingredients to get the most out of your calming CBD.

Our top pick, Innovet’s chewable gummies, are small enough to break in half for a low dose and easy to hide in your dog’s food. Plus, the company has a great chart on each product page that explains how much CBD to give your dog based on their weight and whether you want to give them an average or strong dosage. The charts could be more precise (rounding up a half bone to zero, for example) but the info is still helpful. best cbd for dog anxiety

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