Baby Seat Taxi Melbourne

Baby seat taxi melbourne provides chauffeur-based services that are outfitted with child safety seats to ensure the comfort of children while travelling. These seats are available in different sizes and are suitable for babies, kids, and teenagers. These service providers are a good choice for families who want to travel to or from the airport safely and comfortably. They are operated on a 24×7 basis.

Taxi and rideshare laws vary across states, but most require all passengers under seven years to use a child restraint if one is available. Some companies have their own car seats for hire, while others allow passengers to bring their own. It’s best to call ahead and ask about the policy before booking your ride.

In Victoria, children under four must be in a rear-facing baby seat or booster seat, and those over five must wear a seatbelt. The laws for taxis are different, with some exempting them from the requirement to provide a child seat but requiring that they be fitted with an anchor point.

The rideshare service Uber has recently launched a pilot program that connects parents with driver-partners who have pre-approved child seats in their cars. The drivers offering the service have attended workshops on installing child seats with Australian retail store and car seat specialist Baby Bunting, and have passed a working with children check. The pilot is currently only available in Melbourne, but Uber plans to expand it nationally.

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