An Ice Maker Machine Can Save You Money

An ice maker machine is an up-front investment, but one that can save you money in the long run by providing fresh, ready-to-serve ice for cocktails and other drinks. These machines use the process of adiabatic cooling to turn pressurized water into a cube-shaped block of ice in about 20 minutes. The ice then drops into a bin where it can be stored or scooped out for serving.

The small countertop model here churns 27 pounds of ice a day and can hold up to three pounds at a time. The user-friendly control panel lets you set the desired ice size, and the machine also warns when its storage bin is full or it’s time to add more water. This sleek, stainless steel appliance is easy to clean and fits well on most countertops. Some users note a slight squeak during the ice-making process.

For those who want a larger capacity, this freestanding unit can make 50 pounds of ice per day and store 25 at a time. It’s backed by a warranty and is available in black or stainless steel. The large bin is insulated and comes with a removable basket and an ice scoop for easy serving. As the ice melts, it’s recirculated into the water reservoir for more ice to be made. This helps prevent the ice from clumping and makes for smoother-tasting nuggets. This model is energy-efficient and has a smart feature that automatically shuts off the unit when it’s not in use. ice maker machine

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