AA Preferred Dealers

When buying a used car, finding a dealership that you can trust is just as important as choosing the vehicle. Reputable dealers are usually accredited by the AA, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) or RAC (Royal Automobile Club), meaning that they follow certain standards of customer service and quality when it comes to how they operate their business.

Now, the AA is in the process of building a new network for dealerships, and is seeking expressions of interest from dealers who want to be part of it. The AA Preferred Dealership Network is set to be launched in 2021, and dealers who meet the criteria will be able to display the network branding on their signage and digital channels, as well as promote their vehicles to 2.6 million AA Members.

Dealerships that are a part of the network will also be required to sell AA-appraised used cars and provide an odometer verified window sticker. The AA-appraised inspection involves a 43-point mechanical check of the vehicle and gives buyers peace of mind that any car they buy is in good condition.

The AA is working closely with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to create the network. The institute is one of the oldest established organisations devoted to trading standards and consumer protection, and its approval under its Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) provides additional reassurance for consumers who are purchasing a vehicle from an AA preferred dealer. AA preferred dealers

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